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“The Best Wooden Toys are Made in America”

Solid Wood Truck with Blocks

Solid Wood Truck with Blocks

I’ve done a lot of research over the last year about everything to do with wooden toys. It is a huge market with too many manufacturers and suppliers to mention. One trend keeps showing up time and time again. The bigger the company, the more likely the toys are manufactured outside of the U.S.A. There is nothing wrong with this from a consumer’s perspective. In light of the recent problems with lead paints and toxins, imported toys today are safer than they have ever been. The safety standards and regulations for toys are second to none in the area of consumer goods.

Solid Oak Cicle Jigsaw Puzzle

Solid Oak Circle Jigsaw Puzzle

What fascinates me about the industry is the vast superiority of American made wooden toys from a quality perspective. Where most outsourced manufactured products are good quality, they are more often than not machine made in massive quantities using relatively cheap materials. The reason for this is obvious, low prices and high mark-ups. This does not hold true for most of the smaller American made toy companies. Great companies like THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS and D and Me Toys go the extra mile to use quality solid wood materials and handcraft their products in more traditional manufacturing practices. The result of these efforts are extraordinary. All natural, solid wood, handcrafted toys are magical. They just look and feel better. They last longer and often are passed down from generation to generation. I highly recommend that when shopping for a wooden toy, you take into account that paying a little more for a handcrafted American made toy is always worth it in the long run. The old saying “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more applicable.


Global Conspiracy Revealed. Exclusive Breaking News.

Exxon Mobile CEOOil CEO

Investigative reporters have uncovered an incredibly terrifying plot. A team of reporters for the German magazine “Das Beagle” have spent two years researching why most of the oil corporations are headquartered in eastern Europe. The most powerful and secretive corporations were uncovered in Transylvania. A few reporters were also sent to Somalia. There were mysterious reports of some pirates found washed up on shore. What made the story bizarre was that the corpses had been drained of blood. There was no sea water in their lungs. A few boats were drifting nearby. These always had heavy metal coffins and the boats were always fibreglass.

Exxon CEO in Vampire Form (artist conception)Nosferatu Form

Other incredible events were taking place such as global warming reducing the number of forests in the world. This was happening from glacial melt-off and storm damage from winds generated by cyclones and hurricanes and typhoons.

Unbelievably, a “Beagle” reporter was able to find the link, the elusive missing link that tied everything together. One renegade member of the Transylvanian mega oil corporation had fallen for a blond, blue-eyed Beagle reporter who happened to have an exotic blood line.

The renegade was a vampire. The executives of all the oil corporations were vampires. Their secret plot is to replace all wood materials with plastics and poly this and poly that. There will be no demand for wood and the remaining forests will be cheap. The oil companies will buy them out and burn them all. No more wood, no wooden stakes.

Only then will the true danger to the world become visible. And then there will be only one weapon left to fight them.

Children will still have their wooden toys! Wooden toys will save the world. They will drive a wedge into the hearts of the dark side.

We must all prepare for the apocalypse. All grandparents and parents and aunts and uncles go to www.woodentoyplanet.com immediately. Buy a wooden toy and SAVE THE WORLD. (from vampires)

Survival Tip: Our research has discovered the fence posts from wooden toy farms and the oddly shaped pieces from the “Obliqo” wooden stacking game slide most smoothly between the ribs and into the hearts of the undead. If you prefer a more direct approach, wooden stilts are definitely the way to go. Good-luck in the ultimate battle, and thanks for reading.


A Google Catch 22, Shopping on Page One.

As a relatively new website owner, there is one particular phenomenon that has made itself very clear to me. Being an online toy store featuring “wooden toys” places me among over 12000000 Google search results. Obviously the holy grail of success with online sales is “Search Engine Optimization”. What is the cost however of getting to page one of such a highly valued keyword phrase. There is the easy way, buy your way to the top with a Google Adwords sponsored ad. Unfortunately, the present going rate for page one of the keyword phrase “wooden toys” is $1.25 per click. So here is the Google catch 22: Most people never get beyond page one of a Google search result. The nature being on page one requires retailers to charge significantly higher prices for products. The first lesson to be learned here is to avoid sponsored links. The competition on Google Adwords is so extensive right now that if for example you need 20 clicks to sell a toy, and experience tells me this is an huge underestimation of the actual click to purchase ratio, you are dealing with an extra markup of at least $25 per toy.  It’s the equivalent of  buying a product in a high end brand name store when the factory outlet is across the road.

So what about organic Google search results. These are unpaid search results that the Google ranks highest based on a complex system of  keyword meta data (keywords and keyword phrases), high ranking and relevant inbound links and reciprocal links to the website, and numerous other factors like inclusion in directories, social networking sites and blog support. The list goes on and on. Although it is possible to do these things at a low physical cost, the labor involved is relentless. Most companies you see at top of high ranking Google search results, not only pay expensive online marketing companies, but have a team of people to run their marketing campaigns. This costs an incredible amount of money and once again drives up the prices if their products. If you Google “wooden toys” for example, the first organic result carries an educational toy called the “Educo Down on the Farm Discovery Box”. Their sale price is $145.95. On my site WoodenToyPlanet.com, we sell the exact same product for $99.95.  The only way I can even start to compete with these sites is by spending a ton of money, and driving the price for my products through the roof. I’m never going to do this. Instead, I’ll keep working hard, networking, building links and writing posts like this to hope that one day people will find me, and get great products at truly the lowest possible online prices.

Thanks for reading and always take the time to find a little guy who works hard to save you money when shopping online. Stay away from page one of Google for general search words and phrases when shopping. It will save you a lot of money to do a little extra research.


Thank-you and Happy Holidays from Wooden Toy Planet

Max's New Wooden Kitchen

Max's New Wooden Kitchen

Well it looks like we have wrapped up our first busy holiday season at www.woodentoyplanet.com. We are thrilled with the response to our website that has taken a step back in time to when toys were classic wooden products to be cherished and adored. The favorite items on the site this year were wooden dollhouses by Maxim and Melissa & Doug, handmade in America solid wooden toys by THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS, and the entire line of educational role play toys by Educo.

Our goal for the coming year is to continue to add new and exciting product lines, and expand our already extensive category and product offerings. This website has been successful  because of the enjoyment we get from always improving the site, and the incredible response from all of our wooden toy loving customers.

We couldn’t be happier to see that so many people, despite being overrun with plastic battery operated toys, have seen the light. We are thrilled that you all appreciate the value of  kid powered, classic wooden toys that are all-natural, non-toxic and will help to preserve the environment for our children. We can’t wait to see what the future brings for www.woodentoyplanet.com. Happy holidays and remember, a good toy is a wood toy.


D and Me Toys New on Wooden Toy Planet

Wooden Bulldozer TruckI am so happy to let everyone know about the new D and Me Toys product line on www.woodentoyplanet.com.  These all- natural solid wooden toys are of the highest quality and are a perfect representation of the spirit of  Wooden Toy Planet. D and Me Wooden Toys are all non-toxic hand-crafted in America.    The many varieties of toy wooden trucks and construction vehicles will delight your children with years of imaginative role play. Like all solid wood toys, these great toys are built to last and may even be passed down through generations of your family. We highly recommend this amazing line of American made toys. I will be posting updates as more and more De and Me Toys are added to the website.


Adventure Galley Pirate Ship by Educo New on Woodentoyplanet.com

Adventure Gallery Pirate Ship

Adventure Gallery Pirate Ship

Wooden Toy Planet is happy to bring you the Adventure Gallery Pirate Ship from the amazing line of Educo role play wooden toys.  This incredible toy wooden boat will have your kids playing pirate on the open seas. We always promote role play toys because we feel they are the best for inspiring your kid’s imaginations and creativity. This wooden sailing ship model is well built and a large and substantial toy that your kids will enjoy again and again.

Colorful blue paint, black and white stripes and skull and crossbone graphics highlight the trim, sails, flags and hull of this mighty twin-masted seafaring vessel. Poseable Captain Kidd and two mates will climb the rope ladders to the crow’s nest watching for other ships and spot land where they can bury their treasure.


The Best Wooden Block Sets on Woodentoyplanet.com

No child should grow up without a great set of building blocks. A properly crafted set of building blocks is something that can be passed down through generations of your family. Wooden Toy Planet now carries a deverse selection of classic wooden block sets. You will find great brands like Melissa and Doug, Educo, and The Puzzle-Man Toys. Here are some of our favorites

Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug 60 Standard Unit Blocks

60 Standard Unit Blocks

We feel this is the #1 block set in terms of value available today. It includes nicely sized classically shaped blocks in the standard unit shapes we all know and love. These sixty naturally finished, smoothly sanded hardwood blocks are packaged in an atrractive wooden storage crate for easy storage. They are ideal for building and child development introducing the relation of part to whole, and helping to develop dexterity. These blocks typically sell for somewhere between $45 and $55 online. $39.95 at Woodentoyplanet.com.


Educo Fill'n Build Block Cart

Educo Fill'n Build Bock Cart

The Educo Fill’n Build Block Cart is a beautifully made colorful push cart that your children will love pushing around the house like a shopping cart. Designed for all kids ages one and up, this block cart has a wide base and set back wheels providing a stable base for early walkers. It includes a collection of 24 colourful and natural shapes to dump, stack and sort or empty and fill the cart again. This is like having a mobile learning center for your kids. It will help with color and shape recognition, balance and dexterity. This is an attractive toy that is a welcome conversation piece for any home. Your kids will love spinning the red spiral patterned wheels. We do. The average online price for this product is around $60, our price $44.95.


THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS 4-Tier Wooden Wagon with 100 Blocks

THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS 4-Tier Wooden Wagon with 100 Blocks

In any category of toys there is always one product and brand that is the best of the best. The 3-Tier and 4-Tier Wooden Wagons with 60 or 100 Wooden Block Sets by THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS are the best  you will find.  These all-natural, non-toxic, 100% made in America wooden blocks are hand-crafted at Charlie’s Woodshop in Michigan. These blocks building sets will help your kids develop hand/eye coordination, color, shape, size identification, dexterity, problem-solving and reasoning skills, and more with these big, bright, multicolored toys. The pieces are light in weight, large in size, so pre-schoolers can work with them easily. All are precut, safe, sturdy and water-resistant. Washable, water-and heat-resistant, the Wooden Wagon & Building Blocks are finished with colors that are non-toxic stain-like impregnated finishes.  Nobody sells these classic wooden block sets cheaper than Wooden Toy Planet. Have a great day.


Over 350 Wooden Toys Now on Wooden Toy Planet

Our kids grow up so fast, and so are we by adding about 300 new fastastic toys to our product list at www.woodentoyplanet.com.  We are so proud to now offer over 120 hand-crafted wooden jig-saw puzzles, over 50 wooden games and game boards,  and more than 30 fantastic farm themed toys. You will also find a vast selection of kid’s wooden furniture, wooden toy chests, and so many more great wooden toys organized into 25 easy to navigate categories.

As always, Wooden Toy Planet is commited to offering high quality, high value wooden toys, most of which are hand-crafted in the U.S.A.. We are always on top of our product research to make sure our prices are the lowest possible online. You will have no trouble finding endless websites selling battery-powered, cheap plastic toys made in China, but we all know these toys soon break, wear out and may not even be safe for our kids.  Not to mention the effect of buying foreign made toys on the economy.

So as we move closer to the holiday season, when it comes to buying toys, think wooden, think quality, think value, think www.woodentoyplanet.com. Have a great day.


“Obliqo” The Perfect Wooden Block Family Game

Some of my fondest memories growing up are of playing games with my family and friends. I can remember the excitement of rounding up players and then the first roll of the dice or move to start the game.  Well this is the perfect family game to feature on www.woodentoyplanet.com.

Obliqo is a handcrafted wooden block stacking game like nothing you’ve seen before. Oddly shaped and textured wooden blocks are stacked player by player until the structure tumbles.  You will never see the same thing unfold twice, and the more you play, the more creative your moves will become. This is an amazingly educational game that challenges a players’ intellect problem-solving skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination. This is the one game you will never get tired of and will always be excited to share with your friends, family and guests.


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